The Global Woman of Choice Awards

The Global Woman of Choice Award is focused on mainstreaming the achievements and accomplishment of everyday women and recognizing the bold attempts made by ordinary women to make the world around them a better place.


Judging Criteria




Critical Thinking



Your nomination empowers an inspiring woman through:

  • Local, national, and global exposure
  • Additional media and PR coverage
  • Connections with other like-minded, influential leaders
  • Opportunities to create change on a larger stage
  • Elevating her business, building her legacy as a leader in her industry
  • Recognition for her achievements and journey, and
  • Increasing her circle of influence, inspiring the next generation of leaders.


  1. Women from every part of the globe, currently living in their home country or the diaspora.
  2. The women who build, design, run or work on high impact and innovative products, initiatives, services and/or industries.
  3. The ones who have found innovative ways to serve their communities, who have disrupted the status-quo and made the world a better place for more persons than one.

Nominations for the Global Woman of Choice Awards and The Global Woman Choice Awards are strictly in English.

About the company

The Global Woman of Choice Awards is predicated on the knowledge of this truth, that in a world where women are somewhat invisible, and their accomplishment undermined, shining the spotlight on the women who like the phoenix, rise from the ashes; the game changers, the once who take on social problems that were once called impossible to solve, the movers and shakers, the disrupters  of industries, and shapers of the future, those whose act of kindness have preserved their communities, whose inventions and innovations are making life easy, the mentors and idols, is more relevant now, than ever.

Award Categories

Twenty Prizes Awarded in the Categories of:


EIN News Wire
The Cow Boy Channel
PR Log
DIGIT Magazine