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A new world is upon us. A globalized world of emerging technologies. Yet half of our population will remain shut out of it’s opportunities for economic growth and prosperity. With a lack of access to decent jobs fueled by a want for quality education and human capital development; a huge share of our nations prosperity does not trickle down the bottom of society’s pyramid. 




We Are...

…an award winning team of online volunteers focused on creating platforms, projects and products that improve access to top-quality education and capacity building.

Using smart algorithms and other cutting edge technologies, we promote quality education, build capacity for decent jobs and inspire shared prosperity; while ensuring that the most vulnerable women and children in Nigeria, are not victims of society but play an active role in re-writing their stories.

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Our project deliverables?

The Inner City Education (ICE) Project built SHE-LEAPS Education. A multi-platform education portal, designed specifically to fit the needs of early learners. Using a fine blend of direct explicit instruction, shared and micro learning design; SHE-LEAPS Education has a collection of education games, printable worksheets, free work books and everything else a child needs to succeed in a globalized world.

The idea is to increase access to quality education without reducing excellence, prepare children for the jobs of the future while equipping them with programing and software development skills.

The Grassroots Advocate for Gender Advancement Project  had two profound deliverables; one of them being SHE-LEAPS University.

Much more than an e-learning centre, this platform has delivered over 3000 lessons to over 120 persons across three continents.

Grassroots Advocates for sustainable development

Create impact from around your world

She-LEAPS Grassroots advocates for sustainable development program is a 6 months volunteer experience that energies young people to become agents of change as they work on projects that promote sustainable development at the grassroots level in Nigeria.

An experience of a lifetime


Co-create projects that promote education and capacity building in Nigeria.

critical thinking

Use human centered design for the impact of each project.


Propose a timeline for the implementation of your group project


Collaborate and remotely support the implementation your project.


Co-implement the project and make impact through tiny little steps.


Become a certified Grassroots Advocate for sustainable development.

Care Enough to know

More About this Program?

Are you passion about about education, human capital development or capacity building? We will work to give you the framework to remotely make impact in Nigeria’s most under served communities.

The level of impact you make is not determined by the magnitude of your project but by the lives you impact. This means it only matters is that one person becomes better for for the work you at your spare time.

Synergy is the new norm and that’s what this program offers you. A chance to make new friends, network and build on the humanitarian capacity of other change makers half a planet away.

Join the moving train. Volunteer today and be part of the small team that makes it happen.

SHE-LEAPS Education delivers bundles of explicit instruction in a fun package that early learners  find irresistible 

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Fily Kiata
Sumaiya Akhter

Interactive content

Ed is cross platform app that provides learning content, games and story books for children.

Gives feedback

Test and immediate feedback at the end of each lesson re-enforces learning.

Flip classrooms

The task of learning is now carried out at home while classroom time is used to drive lessons learnt.

adapts instruction

Machine Learning adapts instruction to the knowledge level of each child, making lessons easy to digest

The Team

Building the Dream

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Per month

  • Printable Worksheets
  • Online Games
  • Quizzes and Trivia
  • Limited Learning Videos
  • No Extra-Curricular Activities
  • 10+ Story Books



Per Year

  • Printable Worksheets
  • Online Games
  • Quizzes and Trivia
  • Unlimited Learning Videos
  • Extra-Curricular Activities
  • 50+ Story Books



Per month

  • Printable Worksheets
  • Online Games
  • Quizzes and Trivia
  • Unlimited Learning Videos
  • Extra Curricular Activities
  • 50+ Story Books


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