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We are A Strategic Framework for Education, Livelihood and Economic Participation (SHE-LEAPS). We help women and young persons live productively, achieve full economic participation, and boost their contributions to the economy by reducing income inequality, fostering shared prosperity, enabling social justice and tightening gender gaps across sectors.

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Meet a Mentor Series

The Global Woman of Choice Awards #GLOW fills or pipeline with mentors.

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Access to Capital and Funding

Our Accelerator Programs and Village Bank for nano-businesses provide funds ...

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Worlds Lowest in Commitment to Reducing Inequality


Living Below 1.9USD per Day-Pre COVID


Live in Monetary Poverty


Live in Multi dimensional poverty

SHE-LEAPS works with institutions and individuals to level the playing field.

Our Revolving Loans fund

A gap financing mechanism that supports multiple strings of rural women.

Also called the zero interest village bank, we provide funds for strings of rural women that don’t qualify for the traditional financing services or are otherwise referred to as high risk.

These typically are traders, artisans, and farmers; women with zero credit history and we help them become financially independent and eligible for instruments from the commercials banks. 

About Us About Us
About Us
Those closest to the problem are also closest to the solution


Understanding the channels through which unemployment affects poverty reduction remains a key policy issue in development debates.
Considering that labour is the main asset of the poor, we believe at SHE-LEAPS University, that human capital development and capacity building reduces the number of young persons living in abject poverty, especially in developing countries - hit by macroeconomic instability.
We also know fully well, that those closest to the problems are also closest to the solution.
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The Global

Woman of Choice Award

The Global Woman of Choice Awards shines the spotlight on the women who have risen from their ashes, like the phoenix; the game changers, the ones who take on social problems that were once called impossible to solve, the movers and shakers, the disrupters of industries, and shapers of the future, those whose act of kindness have preserved their communities, whose inventions and innovations are making life easy, the mentors and the idols.

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Woman of Choice Award
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Get Inspiration From the 2021 Winners Of

The Global Woman of Choice Awards

"In an age of pandemics, climate change, and tech invasion; it is imperative to mainstream the women who create opportunities, challenge minds, and intuitively encourage innovation."

September 17, 2021
March 26, 2021