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She-LEAPS: A bunch of non-conforming mavericks; crazy enough to believe we can change the world and each working at a personal or institutional level to drive impact in limited resource settings. 

She-LEAPS University

The non-academic, human capital development platform.

She-LEAPS Education

Technology driven, low-cost schools in underserved communities.


A compendium of inspiring tales, interviews and blog posts.

We Are...

..a bunch of non-conforming mavericks in pursuit of impact.

Together we advocate for the acceleration of policy implementation and drive the actualization of the  SDGs from a gendered perspective.

While creating an enabling environment for wealth creation, we know for sure that more than half of the world’s intellectual capacity still remains untapped and we provide the education and motivation so even the most hard to reach can pursue and attain leadership at a personal level.


She-LEAPS University

She-LEAPS University; a non-academic, human capital development platform has at the core of its’ mandate, the provision of top-notch leadership and personal development training courses, carefully crafted to increase your leadership quotient, social involvement and managerial output.

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Grassroots Advocates for Sustainable Development

The Search 2018

We went to the polls to find our most influential leaders, and after 30 days of voting, the result will blow your mind. Meet the top three of our 10 most influential leaders.

Upoma Ahmed


Foch Makondana

Central African Republic

Karen Tinashe Nyasha