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Strategic Drivers

A new world is upon us. A globalized world of emerging technologies. Yet half of our population will remain shut out of it’s opportunities for economic growth and prosperity. With a lack of access to decent jobs fueled by a want for quality education and human capital development; a huge share of our nations prosperity does not trickle down the bottom of society’s pyramid, leaving the most vulnerable women and children at the mercy of fate. 




We build dreams through the power of EDUCATION

For more children than we love to admit, sound education is more than a right. It is a luxury. We exist to level the playing ground and create a fair stage for every children in Nigeria.

Designing The Life They Deserve

This is our call to action. We are set to help children design the live they deserve and you can be a part of it my making a kind donation or by volunteering your time and/or professionalism. So what are you waiting for? Hit the button below.

We Are...

…an award winning team of online volunteers focused on creating platforms, projects and products that improve access to top-quality education and capacity building.

Using smart algorithms and other cutting edge technologies, we promote quality education, build capacity for decent jobs and inspire shared prosperity; while ensuring that the most vulnerable women and children in Nigeria, are not victims of society but play an active role in re-writing their stories.

Our remote learning platform is fully loaded with hundreds of learning videos, printable worksheets, audio books and games to keep children fully engaged beyond the four walls of a class room.

Our Learning is Fun book series is a culmination of decades of classroom experiences in various fields. Using printable format enables us reach the most hard to reach children with out being restrained by internet connection, electricity supply and a want for devices.


Our teacher training program is targeted at teachers in low-cost private schools. Since most interventions are targeted at the public schools, we take the path less traveled and reach more children through our teacher training courses on SHE-LEAPS University.

Women Impacted
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Creating Impact
and Boosting Success

A lack of qualified teachers, inadequate learning materials, poor learning environments, along with over crowded class rooms are found to hinder many children from learning in our schools. Now our work is to bridge this gap and ensure every child in school is actually getting an education regardless of their location.

the Revolving Loans fund

A gap financing mechanism that supports multiple strings of rural women.

Also called the zero interest village bank, we provide funds for strings of rural women that don’t qualify for the traditional financing services or are otherwise referred to as high risk.

These typically are traders, artisans, and farmers; women with zero credit history and we help them become financially independent and eligible for instruments from the commercials banks. 

2021 Innovators Choice Awards

Today’s societies are both complex and fraught with complexities that world completely eradicate an entire generation of men in previous decades. This is true because certain individuals have chosen to laden their shoulders with the task of innovating across the lines of our every day challenges.
These, some of who are ordinary and everyday people have gone ahead to revolutionize entire industries, built products, setup systems, created more than one drop of change for some rural persons or even entire communities. These proverbial golden fishes will have to hiding place as we open nominations for the 2021 Innovators Choice Awards.


Give us the women who found creative ways to solve both complex and incredibly simple problems​


Have these persons stayed true to the values they represent. Did they refuse to quit when the going went tough?


What we do in the midst of our fears matters a great deal. These are the few who confront fear with action.


Some built short term or strategic relationships leading to systems, projects and organizations.


These women did not only think out of the box, they literally opened their minds and used their 7th sense.


These women did not only think out of the box, they literally opened their minds and used their 7th sense.

Co-Founder and CEO

Evelyn Haruna

Why I Wake-up

Children everywhere are filled with potential and an unusual ability to dream big. However, some quickly come face to face with the barriers that hold them from their dreams.

A lack of quality learning opportunities, hunger and malnutrition, zero mentors to stare their aspirations; these children feel, experience and can literally touch these barriers with their own bare hands. And their mothers sit helplessly at these moments that matter most because the lack the capacity to help their kids.

Let’s create an inflection point, empowering and ensuring that we maximize every single potential in the Nigerian woman and child is the very essence of our humanity and the main reason I wake-up every morning. 


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