As I attempt to pry into todays privation of women in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), memories of the only girl in class during my Diploma days arise. Acing courses like FORTRAN, even the best compliment I ever got had a disparaging over-tune.
Daily abridging the full participation of women in STEM related professions, such vilifying stereotypes along with more intricate issues, like the portrayal of women scientist as a special interest group rather than a professional network, have instead of stimulate an innovation ecosystem, broken the link between human dignity and self-actualisation and affected the bottom line (women’s economic empowerment).
As social entrepreneur and United Nations Global Champion for Women’s Economic Empowerment at Empower Women, my quotidian vocation stimulates a strong conviction that all is not lost for women in STEM fields.
We all should in our own capacity help and encourage women and girls to pursue their dream and savour the sweet splendour of dreams-come-true. To look beyond the limiting tendencies that hold them bound to their present circumstances, to take a deep breath of the air of confidence and to doggedly unleash their full potential.
And at the right stage in the journey- if they so please- to walk down the aisle, with and only with the man who believes in the beauty of their dreams and in the unique path of their chosen career.

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