Dear Men, when a woman says, “leave me alone!” OR “I want to be alone”, just leave her alone. No matter how much she adores you, no matter how much charm you think you have over her, no matter how excellent your intentions are at that moment, no matter how much physical power you have to restrain her or persist, no matter how good you are with words or managing people, no matter how much you think you know or understand her…once a woman speaks those words to you, cease immediately and depart from her if possible.

You know why? Three things can happen in that instance:
1. The quarrel could proceed to a permanent irreversible damage.
2. A physical fight can(will) ensue with the man being guilty of intimate partner violence and abuse.
3. Murder happens. One frustrated push, one frustrated hitting of the head against the wall, one simple unplanned move…and…headlines!

Dear Men, do not ever let your physical might deceive you. The force within a vexed woman can effectively relocate Everest if it could be harvested raw at that time. Note that I said force, not power! Forget what you think you know about women. Many men would tell you how they regret underestimating a woman at different points of their lives. All women are NOT the same. There’s no particular way to be a woman or even the men you all are.

Dear Men, letting us walk away when we say we want to be away for a while is sometimes the much needed miracle. Every human being places a premium on their WILL. It doesn’t matter how non-issue the situation may seem. By the time we say we want to be away from you, it is 101% about our WILLS. You may survive breaking that will by making us do otherwise but…pray! Let me be clear here, the statement “l want to be alone”, is a statement of will, NOT a request!

Dear Men, I understand how insurrectionary this seems in defense of the patriarchal ego. But please understand that there is no honor in breaking another human ‘s will or being the object of an unrecognized hatred from someone you think you love. In fact, it is very dangerous for your well-being. A broken will breeds vengeful contempt. Some women will never follow through with it, some women will mildly, some women really will!

Dear Men, here is where you win with this. If and when you let us walk away or be alone when we ask for it, the forgiveness of the offense, the healing from the hurt, and recovery is almost always instant. The endearment returns and it is easier for us to remember all the good you have done by then. Then, we will come back like saucy cats to creep into your laps again. That’s your chance for gra-gra, don’t do it sha?. We appreciate if you fetch us a glass of something nice to drink instead???. Oh shush, we’ve been waiting on your individual nansanse since you were born!???.

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  • Sumaiya Akhter

    It is a beautiful article portraying a person’s frustration when the other person does not bother to pay attention to what h/she needs, not necessarily a female. This can happen to anyone, a man or a woman, needing a time-off from all the “nansanse” taking place, as the writer said.

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