approach to situations and circumstances.
Everyday will pose a new set of challenges specifically to you as a woman and to humanity in general. Withdrawing into a penumbra of despair places a glass ceiling on your creativity and critical thinking, regardless of the results of your IQ test. Raising above every day challenges, require that you need build your intellectual capacity.
To amass a high level mental horse power, you must believe you are more than your looks portray and greater than your present circumstances detect. You must arise and place a demand on your mind; knowing assuredly that every solution begins with minute blurry thoughts that culminate into ideas, clear as crystal.
An understanding that your mind is in a perpetual state of minting thoughts that eventually become best selling products and solutions and an acknowledgment that you have the same number of brain cells as the world’s famous inventors places you in the right posture for critical thinking.
It is common place for the mind to under perform in your initial attempts at critical thinking, that’s not to worry. I love to think of it as Inertia. As you continue to disregard that under performance and continuously place demands on your mind, the brain cells get stimulated, causing a proliferation in the frequency and an improvement in the quality of thought your thought waves.

This is a sure recipe for building Intellectual Capacity.

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