We truly are excited to share with you the winners of The Global Woman of Choice Awards 2021. 

Grace Alache Jerry-Prize for Activism

Salwa Abdul Hadi-Prize for Women and Children

Lucy Power-Prize for Community Development

Alisa Whyte-Prize for Peak Performance

Xian Nancy Breckenridge- Prize for Content Creation

Ouafa Benterki- Prize for Technology Innovation

Dalia Shurrab-Prize for Leadership and Governance

Dani Wallace-Prize for Leading Conversations

Vivian Tan-Prize for Human Capital Development

Dr. Nataliey Bitature- Prize for Financial Inclusion

Racheal Peru-Prize for Uncommon Success

Libbie Bethune-Prize for Social Impact

Jennifer Sutherland-Prize for Education

Yolanda Springbok Schmidt-Prize for Sports and Fitness

Dr Reema Diab-Prize for Intrapreneurship

Nasreen Ali Mohammed-Global Woman of the Year

Little Rebels-Global Product of the Year

Whitney McQuade-Voters Choice Awards

Nokuthula Gavaza-Voters Choice Awards